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The first time I came to Richard I had hit an all time low. I was at my heaviest and most unfit. Now I’m the lightest and fittest I’ve been for some twenty years! What you get with Richard is truly bespoke to your needs and aims. He tracks your progress, keeping a detailed record of weights and reps so that you’re always improving and every session is different. He has a cunning radar for what you’re capable of (even if you’re unsure of that yourself) and helps you achieve it. He’s an absolute stickler for correct form and is also excellent if you’re recovering from an injury. Richard is very knowledgeable and injects a lot of fun into the sessions. He’s been an absolute game-changer on my fitness journey and I’m achieving beyond what I ever thought was possible.


Translation... The first time I met Richard, I thought picturing sucking up spaghetti with your ‘lady parts’ was a way of ascertaining whether potential clients possessed a sense of humour (essential) or would run scared. However, it’s borne from a valid concern about pelvic floor health, which is pretty important if you’re going to be hauling weights around! Beware of the change in timbre of voice when Richard’s counting reps and you start to slow down. It develops an edge which means that you have no option but to keep up, otherwise you are a sad sack. Get to love lunges and push-ups because you will always be doing them and the ski erg will never break although it will break you. Know that every time you step foot in that gym, the word ‘coast’ will become alien to you. Richard is not your average PT; he has a big brain and can talk about a lot more than protein shakes. Sign up for gruelling workouts and top bants and be quick before Hollywood calls!

Emma Reed

Richard is an exceptional, inspirational PT, and I have lost 2 stone 11 pounds with him with a massive increase in overall strength, core stability and cardio fitness. I’ve never been so fit or strong. He takes the time to really understand your underlying objectives, helps you stick to them, and reviews and tweaks them as you go. He has an excellent gym facility with top notch kit and provides really helpful, practical diet advice. I wanted a technically very competent, quality-focused PT that would push me without shouting at me, and that’s exactly what I got. He offers a really authentic, genuine style interjected with lots of good humour. He knows when to talk me through the more challenging routines, and he gets and changes the tone perfectly during the sessions. Sessions with Richard are the centre point of my fitness and really inspire me. I’ve been on an incredible journey and achieved a level of fitness that I had honestly only dreamt about.

Ed Jarvis


I was keen to find a personal trainer not because I couldn't motivate myself to get to the gym but because it was never an effective workout. Usually I would row or sit on a bike with no real targets or purpose and I knew this wasn't really doing anything for my fitness. Then I found Richard who is passionate about what he does and motivated to work with me to achieve my goals. Now I'm stronger, fitter and can do lots of things in his sessions that I didn't think I could do! He pushes me but in a good way, a way that makes me feel proud of what I'm doing. Richard helpfully checks in to see how I'm getting on with my personal goals and always has great advice especially when I stray off and get distracted! Oh, and did I mention he is just a really great guy and fun to work with!

Natalie Picton-Phillips


Richard is one of the most knowledgeable and professional personal trainers I have ever worked with. After having a baby, I was keen to return back to the gym and Richard helped me to safely get back on the fitness track and feel strong and confident again. He carefully tailors plans for each individual and pushes hard while being super nice! I highly recommend him.

Nazanin Nobahar

Richard is exactly what I need in a Personal Trainer, and he’s become an essential part of my personal programme to maintain good fitness and health. I find his approach highly motivating – he is always enthusiastic about my achievements but also encourages me to reach way beyond what I believe I am able to do. At the outset, Richard asked about my personal goals, and has structured my sessions around these, keeping regular notes on my performance. As a result, I’ve seen consistent progress in areas that are important to me. The sessions are always challenging, but Richard takes great care to accommodate any injuries I may have at any time. He also keeps the work interesting, using a variety of exercises to focus on both strength and conditioning. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Rebecca Trendall

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