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Walking. And Dog Walking. And Dogging.

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

People walking. Ah. Wrong photo. My bad.

Walking. The best place to start your exercise journey. It's easy. At least, I think it's easy. And if you think it's tricky, don't worry. There are youtube videos showing you how. No, really. Look. Here's one here: link corrupted. It's not actually as easy as I'm making out though. It's important to walk from the hips, and many of us don't engage sufficiently through the posterior chain (the bits of us we can't see cos they're behind us). So stand up nice and tall like you're in a 1920s boarding school and swing those arms. And if you decide walking isn't for you, maybe you should consider good alternatives, like prancercise. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here: You're welcome.

It's not novel to suggest we should be getting 10,000 steps a day. But why? I hear you ask. It gets your heart and lungs working, which is good because a healthy heart and lungs helps us live longer and protects against - sorry to go morbid for a moment - diseases that it's much more likely you'll die from than cancer, even though cancer gets all the press. Cheeky cancer. It gets your body moving which is great because it stops it stiffening up. (Snigger.) And, if you're looking to lose fat - or, for those of you who have read the rest of my blog - looking to get away with eating more millionaire's shortbread from M&S - walking is a brilliantly easy way of powering through that.

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