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Breakfast - the best place to start

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Interested in making changes to your diet...start here.

My breakfast every single day. 1000 calories of ready brek glory.

Your breakfast is probably the same every single day. Mine is. 150g of ready brek (yes I've weighed it - in my defence, I'm diabetic), 700ml of semi-skimmed milk (yes, I've measured it - see above) and 150g of grapes (alright, alright, I have a problem). It's 1000 calories (yes, that's a lot for most people) of a meal I LOVE every day. My point about this meal is twofold, surprisingly neither of which is to bang on about Ready Brek or to angle for a sponsorship deal, albeit each bowl is lovingly made from wholegrain rolled oats, and with no added sugar or salt, my bowl of Ready Brek is packed full of goodness . My point about this meal is twofold. One: it's healthy. Before the hate begins (#inviteatrolltomyblog), could it be improved? Yes. I'm sure we can pick it apart. But let's just be friends and agree it is really pretty healthy. Two: it's the same. Every. Single. Day. And like I said, yours probably is too. As a result, it's a great place to start when you're looking to make what I - at the risk of banging on like the most tedious man in the world ever - bang on about (like the most tedious man ever): long-term, sustainable change. It's easy to make breakfast really healthy, and really tasty. And it doesn't need to look like mine. Prefer to go all fruit? Or more protein-heavy? There are many ways to skin the nutritional cat (I don't recommend cat, albeit it is protein-dense and fat-free), but once you've got this meal right - and consistent - it's so much easier to look at the rest.

"But I don't eat anything for breakfast!" I hear you cry. Maybe that works for you. Nutrition really is a science in its infancy. Actually, it's a bit worse than that. It's a science in its infancy some of whose advocates have dressed it up in big boy clothes and given a deep voice to, so it sounds like it definitely knows what it's talking about. My point is, if you're doing just fine on no breakfast, who am I to stop you. But latest thinking is that not having breakfast probably does lead to weight gain (it's not that not eating it makes you gain weight by some air becomes fat magic, it's that people who skip breakfast probably then snack more and feel hungry through the day). I certainly know for me, a massive breakfast sets me up perfectly and makes sure I don't feel hungry again till lunch.

But back to my point. If you're looking to make change to your daily eating habits, start with the habit that's already the most habitual. And because it's the first thing you eat, it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Get this bit right, and the rest follows much more easily. Trust me. I'm the boy who ate Coco Pops every breakfast for 4 years.*

*Bang goes my Coco Pops sponsorship.

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